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The Full Story


We are a family of five living in Roanoke, TX a small suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our dream of breeding Goldendooldes began several years ago. We dreamed of having a Goldendoodle “one day” and when we discovered a friend was breeding them, we saw our opportunity. We fell in love with this breed immediately. Our sweet Zoe quickly became part of our family and stole our hearts. She has never met a stranger and her intelligence made her easy to train. We wanted to share our love of Doodles with other families and Monkey Doodle Pups was born. 


One Family

We consider each of our puppies a member of our family. Each of our puppies gets snuggle time daily. We keep them in our home in the center of activity. The puppies begin “Super Dog Training” at day 3. This exposes them to sensory exposure, different laying positions, and temperature change, preparing them for what they will encounter once they go home. Once they are walking and have opened their eyes and ears, the puppies have 7x7x7 training where they are exposed to 7 different types of experiences (toys, types of people, sounds, textures, etc). We also begin crate training and potty training. We take pride in the care and training that we give your future pet. We put time, detail, and love into preparing them for a successful transition to their future home. 


From Our Home to Yours

Once the puppies are 4-5 weeks old, we will arrange a one-on-one time for you to pick your puppy. These appointments will be made in the order of deposit received. You will be able to take your puppy home at 8 weeks old. We will send you pictures, videos, and updates of how your new puppy is spending the day. You will be sent home with a list of resources for training and care, a chew toy, full vet and de-worming records, a bed and blanket with mom’s scent, and other special goodies. Please know we are available as a resource once you go home should any questions arise. We consider this an on-going relationship with you and your new puppy and will make ourselves available to you during the time we have the puppies as well as once they go home. 


Our Commitment

We are absolutely in love with Doodles. It is our ethos to breed in a way that benefits the breed. We have done extensive health testing on our mom, Zoe, and will only use sires who also have extensive health testing completed and approved. We are also committed to only breed F1-B puppies. Though we cannot guarantee no shedding, this generation tends to shed much less and is intelligent with a pleasant demeanor. 

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